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Magnificent Generation is a company dedicated to equipping students and educators with the skills, confidence and inspiration they need to achieve. This is at the root of our name and our ethos, as we believe everyone is born magnificent. Labels and experiences often stop young people realising their potential, but it’s our aim to build confidence, teach new skills, and hone existing talents.

We help students and the people who work with them to reveal who they are and who they can be.

The company has a long history of success, dating back to co-founder David McQueen’s work with youth organisations in the 1990s – when he first developed a reputation for helping young people succeed and overcome adversity.

David’s skills were spotted by a TV production company in 2007, who hired him to co-present Channel 4 show Vocation, Vocation, Vocation – a series that helped a group of teenagers make important careers choices.

David began to receive numerous speaking requests from schools and demand became so great that set up Magnificent Generation with his wife, Madeline. Since then, he has worked with schools and educational establishments all over the UK and internationally, helping thousands of students to banish negativity and realise their potential.

Clients include the PiXL Group, SSAT, First Give, The Stepladder Foundation and Mensa, as well as hundreds of schools and colleges – including the Ark, Ace, Harris and Oasis academy trusts.
. We can help your school, too.

It’s our aim to give your students another perspective – one that energises and engages with them and improves attitude, skills, behaviour and exam results through our speeches.

Sometimes all you need is a one-hour assembly to give your students the boost they need. We offer motivational talks and workshops delivered by David who will energise and motivate your pupils. These talks show all your students that they have the potential to succeed – they just need to believe in themselves. His speeches are anything but dry lectures – they are fun and informative and get everyone involved.

Your teachers benefit from our motivational speaking and workshops too. Over the years, we’ve had teachers ask “What about us?” So we now offer speeches and workshops that show teachers how to lead both students and peers more effectively as well as exploring their own performance and how they can do better as teachers.
The aim is to challenge, inspire and boost confidence amongst your senior leadership, teachers and supporting staff.

Here’s what just some of the pupils and teachers we have helped say about us:

“I thought that everything that was discussed applied to me but mostly the fact that no-one but myself can determine my future. I really enjoyed today as a teenager who didn’t know where I was going I am now beginning to plan things out. I wasn’t expecting to leave changed.” Student, Greenshaw High School

“If you took every lesson in our school, every child would learn and be inspired. You were very interesting and enjoyable to listen to.” Student, Copland School

Talk to us today about making a positive and lasting impact at your school – call 0203 137 3057 or contact us directly through the site.

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