David has spoken to teachers and educators across the globe for many years. Having challenged (and defeated) his own imposter syndrome about being taken seriously in front of other educators he realised it was just as important to talk to teachers as it was to students to empower them and remind them what excellence looks like.

This has allowed him to speak for teachers at conferences like ResearchEd, Northern Rocks, CLIL, PiXL and SSAT.

In addition, he has spoken to academy groups conferences, teacher twilight sessions and for teacher organised Teachmeets in London and the South East.

In this keynote, David focuses on the role of value centred leadership for schools and colleges. How schools can have an impact on culture, performance development and CPD by focusing on the values that drive them. Delivered with a touch of humour and evidence-informed research on values-based leadership, teachers will learn:

1. Why knowing and acting on VALUES are critical
2. Tools for being able to COMMUNICATE better as leaders
3. Knowing how we react to different LEADERSHIP STYLES
4. Modelling leadership to other TEACHERS and STUDENTS

For many teachers it can be a constant balancing act of students and other teachers as well as expectations of what specific targets and goals they have set for themselves. Being told to reflect on what you can do better can often seem like a burden, but what if we could shape teaching experiences through reflection on
1. What is working
2. What is not working
3. How can we do better for the future

These presentations can be run as a one hour keynote or a more interactive session for anything up to half a day.
Contact the team here or call 0203 137 3057 for further information on this.

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