We deliver keynotes and seminars to a number of youth audiences and the people who work for and with them. From a ‘motivational’ speech for students through to leadership keynotes for staff, we love speaking about stuff that inspires young people to excellence.

David McQueen has been speaking professionally for over twenty five years. He has spoken at:

✔ Assemblies
✔ Youth Conferences
✔ Awards Evenings
✔ Parents Evenings
✔ Options Events
✔ Career and Enterprise Fairs
✔ Teacher Training
✔ Staff Away Days
✔ INSET days
✔ Education Conferences 

The speeches for students and teenagers in schools, colleges and youth groups are as follows:

Playing To Win
This keynote focuses on getting students to realise the keys for success in learning at school. Focused on getting them to think long about how they choose to learn and apply that knowledge to both their exams and their future learning. Getting students to realise that they equally responsible as teachers and parents/guardians to do what is necessary to succeed in their chosen academic or vocational path.

My Brilliant Future
This keynote is about helping students to think about what future career paths they want to explore and how they want to get there. The speech is tailored specifically to the all the key stages to get them to think about what it takes to be able to achieve the goals they are heading towards.  Giving them insights into what skills, talents, mindset and experience is needed to succeed in all career groups.


The primary keynotes for staff training days or educational conferences are as follows:

Leading From The Centre
School Leadership is not just about commands from the senior leadership team. Neither is it a wrestling match for those in middle management. Leadership is about all members of staff holding on to and shaping a shared vision regardless of who is in charge. This keynote uses models from nature and the world of business to demonstrate how leadership spreads from the centre out as opposed to trickling down a pyramid.

Confidently Speaking
There are many teachers who hate public speaking. Even though they are adept at presenting to a class of twenty five when having to give presentations to other teachers, senior leaders, governors or school assemblies they freeze. This masterclass shows teachers how to get past that fear using story, tried and tested delivery skills, preparation and a reason why.

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