“True Leadership always begins with the inner person” – John C Maxwell

Over the years, we’ve been approached by teaching staff asking if we do speeches and workshops for them as well as for the students.  The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

B.R.A.V.E Leadership is our programme for teachers.  The acronym B.R.A.V.E stands for BOLD, RESILIENT, AUTHENTIC, VISIONARY and EMPOWERING. B.R.A.V.E. Leadership helps senior and middle leaders to make sense of their leadership environment and give you the tools and strategies to lead and motivate yourselves, fellow staff and students.



This series of workshops is aimed at senior leaders who need an independent look at where they have come from and where they want to go to with their school. Rather than a one off this a series of workshops which allow senior leaders to not only plan, but also reflect on the lessons learned as part of their journey.




This series of workshops is aimed at middle leaders, focusing on how such leaders can effectively can drive consistent teacher quality across the whole school. Using the BRAVE Model to look at curriculum, behaviour, mentoring and accountability for both teachers and students.



All leaders need to be able to express themselves effectively. Most teachers are more than capable of being able to present effectively in front of a class of students but totally crumble when presenting in front of peers, assemblies or even when representing the school externally.

AMPLIFY is a series of presentations skills focusing on Confident Speaking, Vocal Development and Visual Aids. Teachers will learn how to present effectively in front of all audiences.

If you are ready to take an inner look and support then contact us to see how we can work with you and your team.

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